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Travelife principles

Travelife is  developed in close consultation with the business sector, taking into account recent developments and lessons learned in other sectors.

Travelife has been designed according to the following principles:

  • Transparent, comparable and accountable: one uniform system for travel companies consisting of one common set of standards and implementation process, ensuring consistency and comparability of audits and allowing sector wide benchmarking.
  • Sector wide : applicable to both small and (very) large companies and covering all types of travel companies including inbound, outbound and retail travel companies.
  • International: global availability of online tools in multiple languages.
  • Development oriented: a step by step  approach to help companies and their suppliers implement the Travelife standard gradually.
  • Knowledge-based: Travelife integrates learning to develop knowledge and skills for travel companies, accommodations, activity and excursion providers and consumers.
  • Supply chain oriented: taking into account the  supply chain of travel companies including transport, accommodation and excursion providers.  Offering easy tools to evaluate, manage, share and communicate supplier performances.
  • Efficient:  a common database of suppliers creates efficiencies and avoids duplicating audits. Data are shared between participants.
  • Unified communication: sector-wide logos and messages for communication in travel companies’ promotion materials.
  • Realistic and practical: criteria and actions based on what travel companies (can) do. 
  • Triple bottom line: integration of the full set of sustainability issues: environmental, social and economic.
  • State of the art: integration of major global standards and guidelines: EMAS III (including tourism sector reference document), ISO 14001, ISO 26001, Global Reporting Initiative, OECD standard for multinational companies and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Criteria. 
  • Collaborative: Travelife enables involvement of relevant stakeholders  and destinations. The standards are supported by and developed with businesses, NGOs and  governments.
  • Not for profit: Travelife runs on a cost basis, all income will be used to manage and improve the system and tools.
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